About Michael Shattah

Health research and professional counseling  psychology  training

As a recent Ph.D. candidate in counseling psychology with a focus on integrative therapeutic practices, Michael Shattah has worked in medical and mental health care settings for over five years, helping hundreds of people with concerns about mind and body health as well as exploring skills to enrich personal pursuits and relationships.

His evidence-based research looks at quality of life in long-term medical patients with chronic pain using a comprehensive bio-psycho-social-spiritual health model to improve options in assessment, self-care and treatment. The related study proposal examines potential effects of mindfulness and self-compassion for promoting patient health, as well as reducing pain and preventing disease.

Curriculum Vitae

Education research and college teaching experience

Michael Shattah received a M.A. in academic educational psychology from the University of Texas at Austin. In addition to instructing college psychology courses, Michael taught standardized test preparation with The Princeton Review throughout the United States to over a thousand students seeking advanced medical and graduate degrees. He began developing and teaching a wholeness-based, accelerated learning program more than fifteen years ago.

Business and management experience

Michael has a B.B.A. in business management from Georgia State University with a concentration in human resources training and development. He has started, worked at, and consulted with many enterprises– as well as health and sustainable community organizations– devoted to improving quality of life for people in both the workplace and marketplace as a whole.

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