Wellness Research and Information

Wholeness-based health links and infographics:

Eating Well research on nutrition options

  • Information on foods for health and energy
  • Vitamins and minerals, herbs and supplements
  • Proper hydration and drinking water guidelines

Moving Well:  research on physical activities

  • Physical fitness training information
  • Yoga, dance and movement practices
  • Massage and Bodywork therapies

Learning Well:  research on lifelong development

  • Lifelong learning research: theory and applications
  • Systems-oriented and wholeness-based learning models
  • HoloGraphics: Psychological theories on human development

Healing Well:  research on integrative therapy practices

  • HoloGraphic: Bio-psycho-social-spiritual health promotion/disease prevention model
  • Community health information resources directories
  • Mindfulness, contemplation and self-compassion in healing
  • Therapeutic effects of relationships with animals

Meeting Well:  research on health through social and natural connection

  • Health benefits of developing community: Social support and networks
  • Caring through sharing: Compassion and altruism research and education
  • The upsides of exploring outside: Health and social benefits of outdoor recreation


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