Assessing Health and QoL: Fitness of pieces

In recent decades, there has been growing awareness towards a wider, more integrative scope of focus to define health and Quality of Life. The movement in health care theories and practices approaches an expanding recognition to the wholeness of oneself in mind and body and the improved well-being that comes from experiencing a shared connection with the world. Currently, the most comprehensive conceptual approach considers four interrelated conditions as contributors to QoL: the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model of health promotion and disease prevention.

Having a more complete worldview helps a person see all of life’s pieces fitting together well as a whole. In addition, many of the pieces can be evaluated individually to assess health and QoL for improvements. Fitting pieces provides a detailed map for guiding researchers, clinicians, and patients along well-traveled pathways from sickness toward healing and optimal fitness. Within it, one looks at larger bio-psycho-social-spiritual territories to bridge perceived separations in mind and body, as well as oneself in response to stressful changes in surroundings.

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