Social support and networks


Social support:

aid and assistance exchanged through social relationships and interpersonal transactions 

      Types of social support        

Emotional support        expressions of empathy, love, trust and caring

Instrumental support        tangible aid/services that directly assist a person’s needs

Informational support        advice, suggestions and information to address problems

Appraisal support        information that is useful for self-evaluation

        constructive feedback, affirmation and social comparison

Social network:

a person-centered web of social relationships

        Social network characteristics               extent to which        

Reciprocity       resources and support are both given and received

Intensity        social relationships offer emotional closeness

Complexity        social relationships serve many functions

Density        network members know and interact with each other

Homogeneity        network members are demographically similar

Geographic Dispersion        network members live in close proximity to focal person

From Israel, B.A. (1982); House, J.S. (1981) in Glanz, Rimer and Lewis (2002)


Social Support and Health Articles:

Journal of Behavioral Medicine        Mayo Clinic        Psych Central

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